Leonardo Machado, from BTT North Dallas, wins F2W PRO 54

Posted on Dec 02, 2023 by Neder, Luciana

Leonardo Machado wins the Fight to Win Pro 54, yesterday, November 10, in Dallas, Texas.

Leo submit Michael Foster, from Alliance, on the main event card, in the 180 pounds black belt division, 175 pounds. He commented about his fight: "It was a tough fight, I injured my thigh well at the beginning, and I had to wait Michael get tired!" When I sweep and passed his guard, I began to dominate the fight. Missing 14 seconds, I got him in an arm bar from side control! "

Leonardo, is the 2nd grade black belt of Master Ricardo Marques, head coach of the BTT Juiz de Fora, and his professor since the white belt. Motivated by his brother, who trained in another gym, and influenced by a friend who also trained in JF BTT, Leo began his passion for gentle art in 2003 and never stopped.

Last week, Leonardo got 1st place at the IBJJF Long Beach Open 2017 in his division, and he were one of the athletes responsible for the excellent result of BTT, which was ranked 2nd overall.

At age 34, with 14 years dedicated entirely to jiu jitsu and living for 3 years in the US, in 2018, Leo plans to fight the IBJJF European, IBJJF Pan American, IBJJF World Championship, and how much Opens he can achieve. A year ago, he has opened the BTT North Dallas, which already collects champions.

Congratulations, Master Leo Machado!

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