BTT Wins 3rd Place Overall Gi and No Gi at the Toronto Open; Leonardo Machado Wins Double Gold at Atlanta Open

Posted on Dec 02, 2023 by Ferreira, Eduardo

It was quite a weekend for the Brazilian Top Team. In Canada, our team was ranked third place overall with and without the Gi at the IBJJF Toronto Open. In Atlanta (USA), the team grabbed dozens of medals. In Toronto, the duo Leonardo Cascao and Francis Gumby did a great job and closed out the lightweight in the adult black belt division. It is also worth mentioning the athletes Franco Pana, who got silver in his division and absolute as a brown belt adult, and Marinaldo Morais, who got silver in his weight and bronze in the brown adult Open Class.

“We got in with more than 20 students and got a great result. The teams in front of us entered with more than 50 athletes. From our team, everyone who participated in the championship came out with a medal. A very good performance which shows that we are on the right track,” said the black belt Fabio Holanda, leader of BTT Canada.

At the Atlanta International Open of Jiu-Jitsu, our highlight was Professor Leonardo Machado, who won double gold (Gi and No Gi) in the Heavyweight Master 2. Another one who did well was the brown belt Levi Moura, who won gold in the Gi as a Heavyweight and also became a champion in NoGi as a ultra heavy adult and earned second place in the absolute division.

The athlete Maria Vitória of BTT Charlotte once again put on a show. She won weight and absolute in Gi and No Gi. Another one that deserves to be mentioned is the purple belt Igor Vinícius, who got second place in his weight and third in the absolute No Gi division. With the Gi, he earned bronze in his division and silver in the absolute.

“I am very happy with the result from this weekend. I won as a Master 2 in the Gi, middleweight and also in the No Gi division as a heavyweight. I chose not to fight at the absolute, because next week I will fight in Phoenix. In addition to my achievements, we had good results with the students of BTT Boston, Charlotte and Jacksonville. The brown belt Levi Moura won three medals. Also, Igor Vinícius won four medals in the purple belt and Maria Vitória earned four gold medals as an adult purple belt. We had a great championship”, said Leonardo Machado.

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