Brazilian Top Team Female Adult Team wins first place at NoGi Pan American Championship

Posted on Dec 02, 2023 by Ferreira, Eduardo

Brazilian Top Team achieved another big result last weekend, September 14 and 15, by winning the overall first place trophy for the female team at the IBJJF Pan-American No GI Jiu-Jitsu Championship that took place in New York. Brianna Ste-Marie was the highlight was athlete, who finished all her fights and earned gold in the weight and absolute division as an adult, purple belt. Another athlete that stood-out was Maria Vitória Ruffato, who won the heavyweight division and got the bronze on the absolute as an adult purple belt.

“We did very well in this Pan American. In addition to conquering first place overall in the adult female, we were also in the top seven in the Master division. The feminine team undoubtedly was the highlight, especially in the purple belt. Brianna and Maria gave a show and led the girls towards this very important title for our team. This was the second time we won this title, the first one was in 2013. So it was amazing to win it again after so long. BTT is more united than ever, we are growing a lot here in North America. Next week, we are taking over 25 athletes to the Toronto Open, looking for another great result for the team with and without the gi,” said Fabio Holanda, professor of BTT Canada.

Also parte of the female team, Leanna Racine won gold in Master 1, purple belt division. Kirsten Banks got first in Master 2, blue belt and bronze in the absolute, and Briana King got silver in Master 2 blue absolute belt and third place in her division.

On the male division, the BTT Professor from Boca Raton, Marcos Maciel, got silver in the super-heavy black belt Master 1. Also at Master 1 Black Belt, Professor Gustavo Bessa from BTT Happy Valley, got bronze at the middleweight and silver on the absolute. In Master 2 Black Belt, the highlight was the BTT professor Austin Ruy Frade, who won bronze in the middleweight division.

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